Aerospace & Defence

Tailored to the Commercial Aerospace & Defense Sectors iRob offer Bespoke Fixturing, Inspection Aids, Manual Assembly Aids, Transportation Frames.

Accumulating Platforms – iRob have assembled & delivered clutch controlled platforms for vertical engine assembly & maintenance.

Skillet Design & Manufacture – Design & manufacture of horrizontal engine maintenance & assembly skillets complemented by transportation frames

Bespoke Fixturing

iRob provide tooling & fixturing to ALL industry sectors, but supply specialist tooling & fixturing to the Aerospace sector to ensure that exacting requirements are achieved.

Specific fixturing that is in contact with the component assembly.

Inspection Aids

From small component part inspection to larger components Ribs & Stringers, iRob has the capability to manage all your inspection needs.

With our dedicated team of inpection & Quality engineers who are on hand to advise & guide the key inspection points along with the precise methedology to guarantee accuracy, repeatability & reproducibility.

Manual Assembly Aids

iRob cover the whole range of assembly aids from smaller general assembly aids to larger bespoke dedicated assembly & Poka Yoke aids to ensure there are ‘No Faults’ passed forward.

For all your manual assembly aids & bespoke assembly benches contact OUR sales team today.

Accumulating Platforms

Utilising the best technology in Vertical Engine Assembly, iRob can automate & install your vertical engine build facility.

Utilising intelligent clutch controlled fingers that accurately locate around the periphery of the engine to safely enable skilled technicians access to the maintenance or assembly position.

Skillet Design & Manufacture

For all engine transportation or Horizontal engine assembly needs iRob has the answer to any Skillet or product design & manufacture requirements.

Make-to-Print or bespoke design solutions are at the core of our capabilities.

Transportation Frames

Bespoke or Make-to-Print we have an experienced core of designers that have designed transportation frames to support any requirement.

No matter how diverse your requirement, we have the solution to your problem.

Lightweight EVToL

As lightweight composite bonded structures migrate into EVToL manufacture as a solution for light weight bonded assembly.

There is no one more competent in this sector of bonded assembly.

Hydrogen propulsion or Battery propulsion are accommodated in the structural bonding assembly facilities that iRob offer.


The defense sector is not limited to Aerospace as we have included support for other sectors in the past delivering automated solutions in support of a variety of applications where Automated storage, Support frames, Inter-op applications, Vision guided systems, Automated assembly for accuracy & any Process or Inspection requirement.