Bespoke Automation for General Industry applications from basic automated cell to fully developed and installed complete automated assembly lines, including full process Simultaneous Engineering studies.

Underbody, Framing, Closure Systems, Hemming/Roller Hemming, Complete facility Strip-Out, Machine Movement/Re-location, Joining engineering

Semi & Fully automated solutions are provided and supported with our valued customers.

Floor to Ceiling Installations

iRob offer full service supply for your Body Shop requirements from the initial SE study to working in partnership with our customers to develop the most efficient & cost effective solution to deliver the product.

iRob will design and manage ALL aspects of the Body Shop and Automation to support that including conveyors & inter-op transfer equipment

Underbody Systems

iRob offers the full service supply and delivery of Underbody assembly systems. Where the Underbody is the bedrock of any body structure, it is normal to complete an S.E. study in advance.

Low volume or High volume facilities, iRob will ensure that the system is designed to meet the specific end requirements

Framing Systems

Having worked with the leading Automotive companies in both the High & Low volume market sectors, iRob have worked on all types of framing system.

Due to the criticality & accuracy of the of the frames body structure iRob always complement the delivery of it’s quality framing system solutions

Body Shop Integration & Re-Spot Facilities

As the UK’s most efficient & effective ‘Integrator’, iRob always deliver as the complete solution provider & will integrate any customer preferred equipment or recommend items.

iRob have many years experience increasing the efficiency of New and existing body Shops to maximise the efficiency for a fully optimised facility


iRob have over the years delivered a variety of solutions to Automotive & General industry.

Process solutions involve Sealing & Bonding with SPR & FDS for Composites / Aluminium lightweight applications. This is complemented by RSW, TiG, MiG, CMT, Laser Welding & Ablation applications.

Pilot Plant Facilities

From Framing facilities to sub assembly design & development requirements, you cannot beat iRob on Cost & Quality.

All types of support tooling & facility requirements are catered for, even using 3D printed mylars to accommodate late engineering change.

Whatever your requirements, iRob has the solution.

Standard Cells

iRob have developed a standardised cell that can be adapted to accommodate most assembly requirements. Raft based for ease of handing, installation and commisioning.

iRob has the low-cost solution to simple welding, assembly & manipulation requirements.

Roller Hemming

iRob have delivered both ‘Table Top’ & ‘Robot Mounted’ roller hemming systems through delivered closure facilities to some worlds of the leading O.E.M.’s

All systems are carefully managed by our experienced team to deliver the systems as a stand alone or complete closure system facility from concept to after sales support as required.

iRob has the low-cost solution to simple welding, assembly & manipulation requirements.

Facility Strip Out

Complete facility strip out, Machine movement, Cell re-location, Re-Layout for efficiency and Effectivity are all part of the capabilities from the team at iRob