Providing ALL your global Engineering solutions from one innovative team iRob are consistently offering cost effective Quality solutions to all our customers covering the complete spectrum of Engineering design, development & delivery.

From the virtual environment using the latest software technologies in Process simulate, Factory CAD & CATIA we can provide every aspect of Design & Virtual testing requirements.

Design & Virtual Simulation

iRob have all the skills & capabilities in-house which enables us to provide everything from Single cell automation to Full turnkey production systems.

Utilising the latest software technology, our design team produce precise Drawings, Designs, Virtual shop floor layouts & analyse everything in the Virtual world offering you the customer significant savings – main systems include Process simulate, Factory CAD & CATIA

PLC & HMI Programming

Providing All your Engineering services from one great company iRob has specialist programmers as part of the team with extensive experience of programming multiple automation projects for the complete sphere of industry sectors.

With experience of the complete spectrum of PLC & HMI’s, iRob will support any system.

Bespoke tailor-made solutions to deliver ALL your requirements.

Electrical Hardware Design

iRob’s extensive experience in Electrical design complete with Electrical hardware for bespoke systems as required.

Having highly skilled and trained electricians in house enables us to quickly and efficiently complete the full electrical installation of new cells and the modification of existing systems to meet the needs of any new design.

Layout & Facilities

Maximising your production footprint to deliver the most efficient facility flow process, we have specialists in all business sectors capable of delivering the optimum solution.

Utilising Factory CAD & AutoCAD coupled with years of experience, your facility layout is in safe hands.

Automation Solutions

Drawing on many years of experience delivering automation solutions from single modular cells to multi robot automation systems- iRob have the automation solution to deliver and resolve your requirements.

Joining Engineering

iRob have over the years delivered a variety of solutions to Automotive & General industry.

Process solutions involve Sealing & Bonding with SPR & FDS for Composites / Aluminium lightweight applications. This is complemented by RSW, TiG, MiG, CMT & Laser welding & ablation applications.