Final Assembly

iRob have significant experience in developing and installing Final assembly systems.

From Glazing systems, Marriage systems, Roof systems, I.P. Assembly & Valve Insertion Machines & End of Line Systems.

Trim & Final Solutions designed specifically to meet the aesthetic spleandour of the vehicle

Glazing Systems

The criticality of accurate glass location all combines to present the overall vision of the vehicle, which is why you should look to iRob as a specialist provider of glazing systems

Roof Systems

Similar to Glazing SystemsiRob has significant experience in supplying Roof glazing systems to meet the quality of application for today’s finished vehicles

Valve Insertion Machines

As a specialist supplier of valve insertion machines, iRob can share details of previous delivered sucessful solutions

Marriage Systems

Body & Chassis marriage are integral to the delivery of a vehicle system, where it is essential to ensure that the concept engineering of such a system is handled by experienced integrators.

End of Line

Within the scope of supply of EOL systems iRob understand the level of detailed engineering to deliver full vehicle Wheel Alignment & Headlamp Alignment.

For more information see Powertrain

Instrument Panel Assembly (I.P.)

From Low Volume simplistic solutions to line assembly systems for higher volume, iRob are your systems partner to develop the most effective solution