Out of the box thinking is the Unique Selling Point for iRob, developing and delivering custom built solutions is the cornerstone of our deliverables. We do also deliver where the customer so requires make to print solutions for Bespoke Fixturing, manual / automated tooling, jigs, fixtures, part coordination, gauges, inspection fixtures, handlers and grippers we can supply all your requirements.

From Robot programming, Controls, Electrical installation, & Machine building it all starts with a Quality driven mindset.

Alternatively you may need to utilise our 3D printing capabilities for any purpose and requirement. Simply Contact Us.

Robot Programming

Our skilled & experienced programming team coupled with the skills to automate your tasks in the most efficient way possible with both Industrial & Collaborative robots.

iRob offer the maximum benefit to ALL our clients increasing efficiency, reducing cycle times, reducing overheads & increasing volumes.

PLC Programming

PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) programming is the process of implementing a highly specialised & bespoke operating system to control machinery in real time.

Like any modern piece of technology, without the correct programming, the robot cells, tooling and other hardware would be inefficient e.g. cycle time, therefore, it is crucial to have the right programmers for each project to avoid costly errors.

Unlike many other automotive organisations, I.Rob has in-house specialist programmers who have extensive experience of programming multiple automation projects for a wide variety of applications and can provide bespoke tailor-made solutions to help achieve your needs

HMI Programming

HMI (Human Machine Interface) programming works in conjunction with PLC programming and provides a visual interface between a user and the machine to monitor and control what is happening; also known as the control panel.

Our in-house programmers are capable of seamlessly integrating HMIs into your system, providing you with all the information and control you need.

Installation (Electrical)

From Internal design of bespoke electrical hardware systems to tailored systems, iRob can support the complete sphere of electrical requirements.

Our highly skilled & trained electricians enable us to efficiently complete the full electrical installation of new cells & the overhaul or modification of existing systems.

Tooling Manufacture

iRob offer the highest level of quality fixturing & tooling to suit any requirement, from design to manufacture to installation, iRob delivers.
Quality tooling guaranteed!!

Quality Planning (QMS)

As an ISO certified organisation, Quality Management Systems are central to everything that we do starting with the initial Design through to the Project sign off & more importantly with our commitment to project follow-up & after sales.

iRob’s uniques gateway process is both thorough & efficient, ensuring that our customers recieve the best in class Quality service.

3D Printing

We have utilised our 3D printing capabilities across all sectors that we support.

Aerospace, Automation, Automotive, Medical, Modular Housing to Food & Beverage.

Complete range of materials & solutions to support every requirement in every sector.

Machine Building

From simple single cell applications to complete ‘floor to ceiling’ installations iRob has delivered every application.

From simple standard Cutting or Assembly to Complex modular & linear process machines are all part of the iRob capabilities.

Custom Design & Build

Solutions tailor made to suit individual customer requirements are central to what iRob have to offer.

Our experienced design team have been very successful over the years in being able to support the customer with bespoke solutions to solving long term problems.

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