Modular Housing

As Modular Housing requirements change and is driven by more competitive processes, iRob should be the automation & Tooling partner that you need to evolve your processes from manual to automated & efficient developments.

Improve your processes, reduce your manufacturing lead times.

This is the way forward.


iRob have all OUR skills & capabilities in-house which enables us to provide everything from Single cell automation to Full turnkey production systems.

Utilising the latest software technology, our design team produce precise Drawings, Designs, Virtual shop floor layouts & analyse everything in the Virtual world offering you the customer significant savings – main systems include Process Simulate, Factory CAD & CATIA

Automation Systems

iRob can work alongside your architects and processing teams to develop a NEW way of working, there is always a way to improve a process, here at iRob we always find the best ways to Define, Develop & Deliver.

Offering the prime solution to Handle, Assemble & Join any constituent parts in semi or fully automated methodologies.

Quality Control

A business that has grown it’s reputation on the delivery of Quality Assured Processes in all of the solutions that we have provided. Certified in ISO 9001 & 14001, we know how to meet the expectations of our customers.

Quality assured from the smallest Tooling Aid to the largest Fixture iRob always deliver.

Layout & Facilities

Utilising our experienced team of process engineers, we can develop a complete new layout or adapt your existing layout to maximise your working footprint.

iRob have developed a unique reputation for process excellence, enhancing existing facilities & developing ‘Best in Class’ process flow & material handling solutions providers.

Simultaneous Engineering

The term is synonymous in other industry sectors for capturing the complete spectrum of inputs & outputs to every single activity in any single or conjoined process, which enable iRob to remain at the forefront of the industry sectors in which we are active.