At iRob, we aim to cater for the needs of all of our customers. Our team continues to expand the range of industries for which we can produce robotics and automation solutions. Thanks to the versatility and skill of our staff, we can deliver exceptional service, no matter what is required of us. We can provide services for the following industries:

Aerospace & Defence

High-tech component manufacturing services.

Equipment and vehicle components for the aerospace and defence industry need to be of the highest standard, which our skilled team are able to deliver.


Highly functional and effective equipment.

From assembly line production equipment to design and manufacturing services, we can provide you with automation solutions that are tailored to your company.


Quality automotive industry manufacturing solutions.

Our team work closely with companies in all areas of the automotive industry to ensure that their manufacturing process is optimal.

Rolling Stock Engineering (Rail)

Reliable railway engineering services.

We are at the forefront of the future of rolling stock engineering, thanks to our continued innovation within the railway industry.

Modular Housing

Stunning modular housing options.

We offer consultation and design services for the production of modular housing. Our modular building team can manufacture the key components of your proposed property.

Food & Beverage

Packaging and distribution solutions. 

With our robotics solutions and consultation services, we can improve the efficiency of your packaging and distribution of foodstuffs.


Assembly line robotics for improved efficiency.

Our automation and manufacturing experts can help ensure that the production of your healthcare medication and equipment is as fast as it can be.

After Sales Servicing

iRob offer various levels of after sales & servicing as some of our customers may not necessarily have trained or skilled maintenance personnel.

This is also key to our passion for ensuring past and present customers always have the level of support that is needed to effectively manage their business requirements.

Supporting the ‘Production is King’ mindset. Our customers decide in collaboration with iRob the following:

  • Site visit frequencies
  • Callout support availability 24/7 or daytime only (Customer Request)
  • Hardware checks & Frequency
  • Software checks & updates
  • Planned maintenance & Preventative Maintenance (PM schedules)
  • Failure prediction mode tracking
  • Remote diagnostics

After Sales

iRob have a full service customer mindset and as such it is fundamental for us to ensure our customers facility or equipment are functioning as expected.

To that end, iRob always follow-up on the functionality of anything we deliver.

This supports the ‘Repeat Customer’ relationship that is relished between our customers and ourselves.

Decommissioning & Strip Out

Industry leaders in the sphere of facility decommisioning & strip out.

Never beaten on price – we are your ‘Go To’ safe working team, specialists in facility or cell movements, relocation & complete facility strip-out are all part of the services that we provide.


Supporting companies deliver contract Inspection. If you don’t have the Capacity, Capability or Resources & Time to make your inspection requirements in-house then iRob can help.

We have a dedicated team of engineers who are trained to deliver your inspection requirements.

Accuracy & Attention to detail are the benchmark of our offering to ALL customers


In line with ‘after sales servicing’ it is fundamental to supply training after installation to ensure that all involved can operate & maintain our equipment in a safe working manner.